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I don't need an app that helps my teenagers do that. UPDATE: Several articles have been published suggesting that sexual predators have been using Yellow to find victims.

Sending a naked photo of yourself in 2017 doesn't need to be complicated, but with hundreds of thousands of messaging apps to choose from, deciding how to send that nude can require some thought.

You're supposed to swipe right on the images you like, and left on the ones that leave you cold.

If someone you’ve right-swiped also right-swipes you…

well, then you’re now "friends" on Yellow and the app offers up your Snapchat Username to your new friend and vice versa.

Presumably, then, you and your new (digital-only, long-distance) friend can begin Snapchatting directly.

The next photo was of “Tommy, 14.” So much for the 17 age of users.

Tommy's hometown is a suburb about 30 miles away from where I live.

Perhaps I’m naive, but I really do want to believe there is good in everything—and that most people will do the right thing most of the time. So when it comes to new technology, my instincts usually point me toward the positive ways it can be used. Snapchat doesn’t make contributions to your permanent record and no college admissions director will ever see your snaps. The girls had a handful of friends who were also Snapchatters () who they enjoyed connecting with. This is a frustrating development for parents everywhere. I think it’s partly because I see the appeal it has for teens. The messages you send on Snapchat are meant to be viewed once, giggled over, and then deleted.Then I try to make sure that any potential downsides are either well-explained to my kids (and their friends! Basically, this is an app that is designed to help users “find new friends on Snapchat.” Here’s how the app’s founders describe it: Now, to be fair, Yellow’s App Store age rating is 17 .) or moderated by making adjustments in the parental controls/privacy settings. Which means it’s clearly intended for older teens and young adults.

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