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She modelled the Carrie shoe, a navy-blue patent stilettos are named of her her iconic S&TC character.The designer explained that all her shoes feature her signature mark: a stripe of grosgrain up the back.It's not always easy to transplant characters who have been anchored by long-term story arcs into a film that has to introduce and (hopefully) wrap up a totally new challenge for them in two hours.was remarkably simple and yet compelling: What if the happy ending that Carrie Bradshaw appeared to have in the television finale wasn't quite so happy after all?Right, my next guest wrote his first novel back in 1972, the year of loons and flares and Suzi Quatro and the Glitter Band and all that stuff.

Big to end up together in spite of all of the emotional baggage, affairs and dishonesty that continuously tore them apart.

Hugh (Still laughing) Seriously, Richard, what's the - Stephen I am being serious, you repulsive ball of spittle. It shows you at the cutting edge of dangerous broadcasting. Hugh Great, then I'll ask you where your book is on sale, how much it costs and we'll play you out. Hugh Then I'll do a bit of chat, "blah-di-blah-di-blah- di-blah" and bang, bang, bang.

I really think you are one of the most repellent and flatulent-minded people I've ever met. Hugh laughs in an "isn't this geezer just brilliant? Stephen I don't know what you're laughing at, I find you mindless, vapid and irrelevant. " Hugh (Also addressing someone off) Vince, we go live on air in ten minutes, I thought he knew his lines. Have you any idea how degrading and demeaning to the human spirit people like you are?

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