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The couple are greeted by 46-year-old Claude Roulet, the assistant to the President of the Ritz. Diana walks to the wrought–iron balcony and draws back the curtains. Diana decides not to go shopping for William and Harry, and so a Ritz employee is sent out with a list of presents to buy.

Roulet is nervous.‘I’ve never spoken to a princess before,’ he tells Diana. The two young princes are at Balmoral, enjoying the last day of the holiday before school.

In a powerful and moving series, JONATHAN MAYO reconstructs that week, through the eyes of royals, politicians, Diana’s family and the devastated public...

Diana and Dodi have been enjoying a nine-day Mediterranean cruise on the Al Fayeds’ £12 million yacht Jonikal.

As Mohamed Al Fayed hoped, a romance has recently started between his son and the world’s most famous woman.

On August 4, an Italian photographer took a picture of them embracing.

Diana is brought a breakfast of fresh fruit and orange juice by Dodi’s butler, René Delorm.

Diana tells René how much she is looking forward to seeing her sons William and Harry.

Next weekend, in a BBC documentary, Princes William and Harry open their hearts about those cataclysmic days in 1997, as their lives — and the monarchy — changed for ever.The Al Fayeds have taken a 100-year lease on it and Mohamed has told Dodi to show Diana the house.In September, the family are auctioning 40,000 items of Windsor possessions.Kelly wanted to see if there was anything she and Dodi could put in the house they were buying in Malibu.Having welcomed Dodi and Diana, Murrell watches them on the CCTV as they walk around.

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