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If you’ve got Mike Colter playing Luke Cage, you’re going to have a larger life presence.

You’re going to have somebody who brings with him that superhero quality, not just as a superhero, but as a person and as a personality. He’s someone who’s looking for what the next game is that he’s playing, who the next player is that he’s playing, what the next level is, and how he’s getting there.

A thread to discuss Luke Cage or as his known to his mother Carl Lucas :cwink: What do you think the show should cover?

I probably should have looked at the cast list but I was on the bus home after an incredibly hard shift and my head wasn't all there.

Speaking of Shades, Jeph Loeb made some interesting comments about him in this Collider interview ( Jeph, how would you describe Shades and his role in Luke Cage’s story?

Luke Cage has one of the more interesting backstories in comics.

His origin is like Boys In The Hood meets The Shawshank Redemption meets Payback meets The Fugative.

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