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Instructors: All Tiger Martial Arts Instructors are qualified and certified through the CMAF – Canadian Martial Arts Federation, Teuk-Gong Worldwide – Korea Teuk-Gong Moo Sul Association, Kukkiwon – World Taekwondo Headquarters and the Jaguar Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

TMA Instructors are at minimum 1st degree Black Belts to 7th degree Black Belts.

A handful of tech companies have signed onto a friend of the court brief in the case of the Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple. While more tech companies generally voice their support in these LGBTQ-friendly cases, is a tinder box of particularly volatile social issues, particularly when it comes to interpreting the religious rights secured by the First Amendment.

Tech Crunch has confirmed that so far the list includes Apple, Yelp, Pay Pal, Salesforce and Affirm. That could be a reason tech companies have been a bit warier in this instance, though it also could be the sheer number of social causes that left-leaning tech companies have been called to support under the Trump administration.

All classes will typically have both Head Instructors and Assistant Instructors.

Each of our nationally certified instructors are graduates of intensive training, and their methods are constantly improved and updated through continued training with Chief Master Viani.

You will find that after transferring of the money, the seller then demands other payments for “duties” or delivery charges – and ultimately, you won’t get what you paid for. Check around for more information regarding any new vendors before you hit the purchase button.

Read More Transferring money for a fee is easy work but it is also illegal if the monies are found to be illegal proceeds.

While there was some confusion about the last day for companies to sign on, Tech Crunch has clarified that the deadline is actually Monday, October 30.

We’ve reached out to a number of the major tech companies about their interest in the amicus brief and will update this list when we learn more.

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