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Some how my daughter got her friends to come over for a slumber party and she told... I stayed at my dads house over the holidays, and I guess am just so used to walking down the hall naked when I get out of the shower. We live like nudists and so does some of my friends.

was a little awkward when he walked out of his room and saw me! Thanks to the suggestion of a friend of mine ("nudiste... It's a great way to ***** away the worries of the day and relax. However, I sometimes get a little too comfortable and leave the windows open at night. We don't put our clothes on at home if it's just us or if mine or my sons friends are there.

Rating: 9/10 Pros: While basic, there are good sorting options.

Cons: There is no counter that tells you how many users there are, so we're unsure how much traffic it gets on a daily basis.

While there are not a lot of sorting options, there are the important ones: what your gender is, and which gender you're looking for.I lived there over a year and had 3 neighbors, all of whom were single mothers a little older than I was. The recent storm caused a major black-out in my neighborhood over a number of days.It was pitch black at night except for the lights of vehicles and residents using flashlights. Ever since I was young my mother said it was hard to keep clothes on me and as I have got older I was just more comfortable in my skin so now dont dress unless it is neccessary .- Roundchat gave us a good impression at first glance.The interface is clean and easy to understand, and the rules work the same way others do, with no strict moderation of nudity and/or sexual activity.

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