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"We decided we wanted to be able to use our skills in a safe environment, with supportive people," Bijay, one of the original members, says. We wanted to enjoy it." All those boxes have been ticked, judging by this productive training session.The show itself lasts 60 minutes and incorporates some traditional circus acts, theatre, dance, and Nepali storytelling.He still grimaces at the thought of how they were duped.

At that point we talked to some members of the Nepali Student Association who were receiving reports from family back home. He and other Nepal engineering students spent their summer home in Nepal studying and rebuilding Nepal’s infrastructure."It provides a salary for the troupe which means they are able to have a career and live independent lives."We perform but we have an important social goal too, which is making a profit so we can promote anti-child-trafficking measures." And help to construct some sort of safety net."But, for some, reintegration with their families wasn't possible." The reasons for this are varied, and complicated - from extreme poverty to the stigma of being a circus performer.It meant many rescued children were raised in orphanages.

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