Mirc sex chat video cam

What is the password for the encryption, and is there more than one password? During what hours of the day is the computer normally used? Home, business, public library, public computercafé, friend’s house? Do you expose your genitals to minors while using your web cam? (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Linux, UNIX, OS/2, Apple & MAC)What programs do you have for chatting? INTERNET -What Internet Service Provider (ISP) is used to access Internet? What type of communication system do you use to access the Internet?

You are the only one who knows your passwords, is that correct? What are the screen names of your associates on-line? Where did you record the results of your other research on this subject? As an adult, how many minors have you contacted on the Internet and chatted with? In this case, when you first introduced the idea of sexual contact with the child you contacted on the Internet, what washis/her reaction? In this case, approximately how long ago was it that you first introduced the idea of sex to the child? When did you first have Internet contact with (victim or UC)? How many Internet conversations would you estimate that you had with (victim or UC)? Is there a lot of discussion about sex in that chat room? ENTRAPMENT DEFENSES - DEFUSING -Can you remember back to the first time you imagined having sex with a minor? As an adult, you continued to have thoughts about sex with minors? As an adult, how many other times have you met with a minor and engaged in sex? LURING / ENTICEMENT -What screen name(s) do you use? PEER TO PEER -Do you use any on-line storage services to save files? How often do you view adult pornography on the Internet? What percentage of your pornographic image collections depict adults only? Do you think that someone who enjoys adult pornography will automatically begin to start also enjoying illegal child pornography? Are we going to find any adult pornography on your computer? Do you have any adult pornography stored on your computer, floppy diskettes or other media?

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