Eaves drop on privet cams

SBSettings has been around for as long as I can remember,...is a Cydia app which can prevent certain icons from appearing. Locate SBSettings by swiping from left to right on your status bar.Advanced applications even allow the spy to listen in on phone conversations using a technique similar to conference calling.Spy applications also log and upload location information using the built-in GPS receiver, wireless networks or cell network IDs.Clearly, there is massive interest in spying software and gadgets.Irrespective of the motivation or justification for spying (such as spousal infidelity), spying is illegal and a gross invasion of privacy in most countries around the world.What to do: Actual possession of the smartphone is required in order to install spyware. The spy will usually achieve this by waiting until you leave your phone unattended.

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A quick Google search for “spy software” yields over a 100 million results.

With all the stories about governments or corporations becoming "Big Brother", it turns out that Big Brother might just be next door.

In the latest kidnapping case in California, police say that one of the best initial leads they got came from the surveillance camera of the next door neighbor.

However, the fact that you can’t find the Cydia icon does not mean that your phone hasn’t been jailbroken.

The spy may have covered his/her tracks by installing an app that hides icons. Allowing me to shut off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other settings in seconds is one of the most awesome things ever.

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