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When they returned back to Chicago, Anthony visited Ashley's apartment, which she shared with a roommate. I can't wait,' she said, but things got a little weird when she gave him a tour of her apartment.'I keep shoes in my cabinet,' she admitted, showing him all of her shoes lined up in the kitchen cupboard that is traditionally used for story pots and pans. Definitely was not prepared for that.'Ashley later checked out Anthony's place, and while she insisted she would live there if he didn't have a roommate, she told the camera that his bedroom could use a little work.Because they both had roommates, they decided to find a new apartment that they could share together.After he dropped the 'friend' bomb, Cody spent Thursday night's episode of the reality series trying to explain what he really meant when she said he wanted to pump the breaks on their physical intimacy.At the end of their trip, Danielle hoped they would be taking their relationship to the next level, but Cody shocked her when he told her that he actually wanted to pull back on their relationship — and focus on getting to know each other as 'friends'.'On the honeymoon, I was definitely really passive romantically,' Cody admitted. 'I felt like I was forcing for Danielle to like me and not being myself,' he added.The couple was also pretty relaxed with picking a location for their new home, even though they were both looking at a longer commute.While Danielle works in Chicago, Cody travels to Rockford, Illinois for his job.Not only were they in a weird place, but the newlyweds also had to find a place to live as man and wife.

However, she gave a look of shock and disgust when the realtor revealed that the home was ,300 a month with an extra 0 for their pet deposit.'Like hell,' she told the camera.

Anthony fell in love with one apartment that he thought was 'perfect', but his bride was less than thrilled. 'Oh, there is no designated parking for you,' he sarcastically replied to his wife.

'There is no designated parking,' she said with a frown. However, when Ashley explained that while finding parking may seem easy now, it will be a totally different story when it is late at night and there is three feet of snow on the ground.

Last week's episode ended with Sheila Downs, 30, hysterically crying at dinner after her husband Nate Duhon, 26, told her off camera that he didn't want to be married to her anymore.

After she stormed off, he insisted that he didn't mean what he said, noting that had apologized and was completely committed to his vows.

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