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Our chat rooms are free no need to Make an account or sign up to start chatting, making friends or find love or no string attached singles in your area, Singles Lesbians, Singles Gay or Straight meet them here..It’s a rainy Thursday in Sydney and Barter is sitting in a cafe in Surry Hills, slowly sipping on a glass of sparkling water.

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It was a way for me to sort of name and claim some of these emotions that I was having, because you get to that age when you should be more mature and you should not get upset about this kind of stuff and I shouldn’t be jealous about this stuff. So when it does get put out there, does it feel strange for people to have different interpretations of them, and coming back and being like, “I felt this, and this meant this to me.” It’s weird cause I don’t think other people hear my songs.After a slew of well-received EPs and tours with The Rubens and The Jezabels, Melbourne’s Barter is releasing her debut album to a public that is definitely starting to take a sustained, pop-grunge punch, with Barter tackling everything from gender politics to the taboo romance of smoking. Over a couple of glasses of sparkling water, we got to know the person behind it.Rush-hour horror hit Melbourne on Thursday afternoon as a car ploughed through pedestrians at a busy intersection, leaving 14 people seriously injured.Police arrested the driver of the white SUV and a male passenger (main image and bottom right, and inset) moments after it came to a halt outside Flinders Street station by crashing into a bollard (top right).

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