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Their Pet-Nat is also very unique and Traynor was the first in the county to start producing this naturally sparkling drink.Guapo’s Cantina, located on the property of Trayor Family Vineyards, is one of the county’s best street food joints.Plus, they’re just steps away from some unique stores in Bloomfield, making this a great way to start a had an amazing printmaking experience with Chrissy and Kyle, the owners and operators of the studio.We were taught how to screenprint and it was an unforgettable experience.My favourite was a wine spritzer that Mike Traynor made for us from his Madonna Vermouth, which is a fortified wine infused with local botanicals.It was unbelievably tasty and refreshing with a single lavender sprig to top it off.Well it would also include a bunch of beer from Parsons with food cooked by Sam Valdivia and Lance Calvert. Pick your favourite food to eat from anywhere in the world, then come here and be amazed that the food and beer here is even better.Their food features authentic Mexican and Southern Comfort cuisine. Chris and Samantha Parsons, the owners of Parsons Brewing Company, have created some amazing beers.

A sucker for belgian wheats, my favourite was Hefeweizen, a traditional German wheat beer that is light, refreshing and cloudy by nature.There’s something for everyone here including the added bonus of a super friendly dog! Mac Cool’s is easily now one of my favourite antique shops. Karlo Estates has an iconic drystone bridge; which is the largest of its type in North America.The tasting room is in the center of a barn, with a loft art gallery and covered outdoor deck. Janice, the museum’s curator, met us wearing full pioneer garb from the late 1800’s.I wouldn’t be offended if you stopped reading the rest of my County experience so that you could do just that. in Bloomfield where they serve homemade comfort food using locally grown seasonal produce.Our breakfast was very quiet and peaceful and so tasty.

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